'Journeyman' is the result of my love for film and stills. I decided to create a 'faux' film set around my interest of the 'Old West' and the larger than life characters that filled that period of history. Wyatt Earp in particular interested me. Here was one of the last, legendary frontier men - a man that is linked to the infamous 'Gun fight at the O.K Corral', was an entrepreneur at the Klondike Gold Rush, yet died (as he predicted) at the age of 80 in an apartment in LA in 1929...

The project involved me sourcing all the clothing, trying to faithfully reproduce the aesthetic of the period was difficult but I think we did ok. The difficult part was trying to find a location that would look similar to the wide open space of Wyoming...but in the Cotswolds! 

I colour graded the images with an authentic western look but at the same time retaining a cinematic feel.